Pyramideto is a game by Jan Divecký (illustrations by Hana Pavlátová) for 2 to 4 players. For Pyramideto you need only one set of pyramids and a deck of Pyramideto cards. The players’ task is to form trios out of the pyramids. These trios represent different common things around us.

# of players:2-4
Sugg. ages:4+
Playing time:10 minut



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Why to buy Pyramideto?

These are the key words for Pyramideto: Creativity. Attention. Fine mechanics. Caution. Motivation. Decision-making. Observation. Languages. Socialization. Borders. Rules. Aesthetics. Safety. Consequences. Speech exercises. Winning. Losing. Planning. Time. Weight. Magic Pyramids. Patience. Art to end.


Pyramideto won the Czech Game of the year 2012 Competition. Yippee!

The Competiton was fan-organized in summer 2012 open for all games with pyramids. Other successful games were: Zendo (2nd place), Caldera (3rd place), and IceTowers (4th place).

Pyramideto also won three side prizes: best game for kids, best starter (start game with pyramids) and the most original game with pyramids.

Pyramideto fought their way among the finalists of America's competitions ICE Awards for 2010, fan-organized award for the best games with pyramides.


Pyramideto ist ein Spiel von Jan Divecký (Illustrationen von Hana Pavlátová) für 2 bis 4 Spieler. Für Pyramideto wird nur ein Satz der Regenbogen Treehouse-Pyramiden und ein Satz von Pyramideto-Karten benötigt. Die Aufgabe der Spieler ist es, aus den Pyramiden Dreiergruppen zu bilden. Diese Dreiergruppen stellen Dinge dar, die uns im Alltag begegnen.